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Safe Staffing Saves Lives (via Google)

This site is developed by the ANA and highlights the importance of having adequate staffing on the floor. You must have adequate staffing so that you have enough unlicensed personnel to help when needed, but in being cost effective you don’t want to have to many unlicensed personnel on the floor.

AACN Delegation Handbook (via Yahoo)

The AACN clearly defines the roles of members of the team. The site clearly outlines certain tasks and roles that may or may not be delegated. The handbook is managed by the AACN. 

NCSBN "Delegating Effectively" Video (via Bing) 

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing uses this video to outlines a step-by-step approach to ensure the best way to achieve positive client outcomes by working effectively through and with others, specifically assistive personnel.

North Carolina Board of Nursing (via Google)

The NCBON website has links to position statements and a decision tree. It is specific to North Carolina. The second link provides information on what an NA1 can do, and the third link provides information on what an NA2 can do.

Computer literacy, for those unsure of what they can and cannot delegate, can facilitate safe delegation procedures.

Nurse Together (via Yahoo)

This page on the Nurse Together website provides information on how to effectively and safely delegate.

Yahoo Voices

This article addresses the advantages and disadvantages to delegation.



Mabbott, I. (2010). Nursing Delegation and Management of Patient CareNursing Management, 17(5), 9.

  • This article can be accessed via the Queens Everett Library website with a student or faculty username and password.
  • It is a book review of important delegation topics.
Neuman, T. (2010). Delegation, better safe than sorryAAOHN Journal, 58(8),321-322.
  • This is a peer reviewed journal article highlighting the importance of effective delegation.


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*Both of these books are in stock at the Queens library to check out if you are interested in learning more

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