Curriculum Concepts for Delegation

Therapeutic Interventions and Communication

In order to have efficient delegation, there has to be certain communication and interventions accomplished. The person delegating a task must use the word "I" so that the delegate knows that it comes from them. Before the conversation even begins however, the delegator must check to see the qualifications of the person are accurate and appropriate. The delegate also must know the time the task should be completed and also what all is expected to be done.  If the delegate knows how much this task being completed is appreciated, and how much the patient needs it then the task will be done the correct way. To be certain that the task is explained correctly, the nurse should ask questions about the task.

There needs to be an agreement between the two individuals involved. That agreement should ensure the quality of care for the patient and the completion of the task in a timely manner. 

Once the task has been delegated out the person getting instructions must provide feedback to the delegator about what they may be able to do and if they are comfortable with the task. This could also mean that feedback about the task after it has been completed.  Feedback would perhaps prevent certain mishaps from occurring.