IOM Competencies

Working in Interdisciplinary Teams

Interdisciplinary teams are thought of as a group of people that cooperate, collaborate, communicate and integrate care into teams to ensure that care is continuous and reliable. This would guarantee that the quality of care of the patients was up to standards. This would be shown in our scenario when the delegation occurs between coworkers. This could be between a nursing assistant or even communication between other healthcare providers and other nurses. Patients are the number one priority in healthcare, and all healthcare providers working together as a team will ensure safe, competent, continuous care for those patients. If delegation is not correct or improper then the care of the patients is in jeopardy. 

Employing Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice is the process of integrating the best research with clinical expertise and patient values for optimum care, and participate in learning and research activities as much as possible. In connection to the scenario, switching to a new model or theory, such as team nursing, in a nursing home would require some researching. Each nurse would need to know how to help the other nurses and also what their responsibilities would be. There could be a need for a workshop taking place on the facility grounds to inform the nurses of the new model being enforced. The workshop could explain that this model has shown vast improvement in other nursing facilities.